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3 Benefits Of Helical Gears

June 24, 2022

3 Benefits Of Helical Gears

Torque transfer is a vital aspect that makes machines used for various industrial applications effective. Torque transfer, as the term suggests, is the process of transferring the torque from one mechanical unit to the other. 

Gears and splines are the most effective way for torque transfer without causing any damage to the machine. Many types of gears are suitable for different applications. Worm, bevel, spur, straight, and internal are gears commonly used. Apart from these, helical gears are widely used in industrial machines and equipment.

In today's blog, we discuss the benefits of the helical type of gear.


Smooth and silent operation
This type of gear has angled and generally larger teeth. They are effective in transferring torque without making too much noise. Smooth and silent operation is one of the significant benefits of the helical type of gear. Too much vibration is not suitable for industrial machines and equipment. This is because vibrations can damage the machine parts, causing unwanted downtime. Helical gears are perfect for preventing vibrations. 

Ideal for perpendicular and parallel shafts
It is a fact that helical types of gears are more suitable and commonly used for parallel shafts. However, with proper alignment, these gears are also compatible with perpendicular shafts.

Capacity to bear higher loads
You can use this gear without worrying about teeth breaking due to a higher load. Their wider and aligned teeth cover a larger surface area, increasing their ability to work under stress. Even the number of teeth is more in helical gears as compared to most of their counterparts. Their teeth wear out slower than conventional gears, making them ideal for high-load operations.

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