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We put as much effort into testing and certifying our gears as we do making them.

At True Gear & Spline, quality inspection forms the foundation of all our gear manufacturing. All of our gears are checked to ensure they meet the applicable AGMA industry standards whether its by measuring over pins or by CMM method.

Quality isn’t just the last step before a gear leaves our facility; it’s the first step toward providing you a gear that meets our stringent standards. A complete gear manufacturer understands that developing a precise and long lasting gear requires attention to quality assurance right from the first step.

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ZEISS CMM with Calypso & Gear Pro Software
  • Climate Controlled Inspection Room
  • Experienced Staff
  • Latest gear standards

To prove our commitment, we’ve further invested in our quality capabilities through the acquisition of new testing machines. Using highly accurate and consistent measuring software from ZEISS, our gears are measured in our in-house. Whether you require a large or small volume order, we take no shortcuts in making sure your order is accurate to your specifications.

At True Gear & Spline, we have spent over four decades innovating and refining our quality assurance process. We take our reputation seriously, so you can count on receiving precise, consistent and reliable gears every time.