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CNC Gear Cutting

Looking for professional gear cutting service?

True Gear & Spline offers 5 axis CNC Gear Cutting services with quick & efficient turnaround times with the highest quality gearing. Our CNC gear hobbing machines can cut spur gears, splines, helical gears and double helical gears. The special capabilities of these gear cutting machines allow to cut crown or tapered profiles if required. These high speed machines allow us to accommodate lot sizes of 1 part to several thousand.

One of the main advantages of our updated range of gear hobbing and cutting machines is that we can perform all your cutting needs in record time. If you have a project that is time sensitive, where the delays would cause your company to lose money and valuable time, you can expect the fastest turnaround right here.

Our conventional gear cutting machines enable us to cut gears as large as 3 meters in diameter. Regardless of the technology being used, True Gear & Spline will provide you with the highest quality gearing. In addition to gears, we can also manufacture spline shafts, timing pulleys, sprockets and gear racks. We can produce your gears using all available materials including steel, aluminum, bronze, phenolic and nylon.

In the past years we have purchased multiple pieces of CNC gear hobbing and cutting machinery improving our manufacturing process, efficiency and quality. If you have any further questions about our capabilities, please contact us. Remember – you are the highest priority on your list. We are here to show you an inside look into how a true-blue customer-oriented company works for you. 

Gleason Phoenix 400GH

Mitsubishi GE20A

We can produce small or large production runs of parts

Quick turnaround time

Produce high quality gearing

28 Gear Hobbers