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All of our gear production capabilities, whether helical gears, bevels, or others, start with our recently upgraded 22,000 square foot facility. By utilizing regular audits and environmentally conscious production methods for our bevel and helical gears, we provide a consistent level of quality at a minimal impact to the environment.

We Invest in our Equipment

Committing to being a top quality gear manufacturer means acquiring the most advanced machinery. Each type of gear we make, including helical gears, internal splines and others, require a combination of different machines to perfect their design and construction. Over the years we have purchased a number of machines to expand our service potential. We pride ourselves in timely adapting to new technologies and applications, preparing us with the knowledge to advise and assist you with confidence.

Investing in the most modern and advanced equipment gives us the ability to meet the most challenging projects. Our experienced personnel dedicate themselves towards continuous improvement in their skills, in order to maintain a competitive edge ensuring success for ourselves and our many customers for many years to come. With this policy and a focus on customer service above all else, you’re in good hands with us.