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CNC Gear Grinding

Looking for a reputable gear grinder?

True Gear & Spline offers CNC Gear Grinding services with our Kapp Niles ZP 12, one of the latest technology gear grinding machines, producing ground gears and others up to 1250 mm diameter and 1000 mm face width. Machine capabilities include spur, helical, double helical, and crowned gears up to AGMA Quality Class 14 as well as spline grinding, worms and special profiles.

Our Kapp Niles gear grinding machine provides us with a competitive edge to serve all industries with high quality gearing from one piece to larger sizes of ground gears. All the machinery in our facility is of the highest quality and meets all the latest industry specifications and standards. We don’t just grind gears – we do it well.

Advanced CNC Gear Grinding software and on-board inspection capability allows us to provide gear analysis charts to meet both AGMA and DIN standards. Every gear is inspected to verify gear quality in order to meet our customers’ specifications. Your high personal and professional expectations are guaranteed to be satisfied and fulfilled when you work with us. The industrial standards aren’t the only ones we adhere to. The importance we place on our customer service makes us one of the best companies in the region for manufacturing custom ground gears.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any special requirements you may have. We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture what other companies cannot. Regardless of how unique or complicated your needs are, we can design and manufacture a solution that will meet all of your expectations. Our grinding services include special features such as: 

Gears are checked on our machine, providing inspection charts for gear quality

Offer rush delivery when required

Spurs, helical, worm shafts, crown gears & special profiles

Produce high quality gears up to AGMA Class 14