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3 Common Types of Gears

December 02, 2021

3 Common Types of Gears

A gear is a rotating machine part that facilitates the transfer of torque and speed. They are essential for the functioning of machinery across different industries. Therefore, the quality of the gear directly affects the performance of the machinery. It is recommended to deal only with companies with a proven record in gear manufacturing to avoid snags in the production.



Common types of gears used across industries



Various types of gears serve different purposes. In this blog, we take a look at the types of gears that are commonly used.


Bevel gear

Bevel gears are widely used across different industries. The axes of the two shafts intersect in this type of gear. For maximum efficiency, these gears are mounted on shafts that are generally placed 90 degrees apart. Bevel gears are further classified into the following types.


  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Straight bevel gears
  • Zerol bevel gears
  • Hypoid bevel gears


Spur gear

Also known as simple-cut gear, this is the simplest and most commonly used gear. For machinery working at moderate speed, spur gears are ideal. Spur gears can be further classified into the following types.


  • Internal spur gear - This type of spur gear has teeth on the inner side of the cylinder.
  • External spur gear - In this type, the teeth are on the outside of the cylinder.


Splined Shaft

A splined shaft is a cylindrical shaft with teeth and ridges. These ridges facilitate even distribution of load resulting in more torque. A larger surface area is also one of the reasons splined shafts offer better torque as compared to some of the other common types of gear. These shafts are made using different methods like broaching, milling, hobbing, and extrusion.


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