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3 Important Capabilities of CNC Machining

July 08, 2021

All the top gear manufacturing companies utilize a blend of conventional and CNC machining to achieve the best results for clients. With that said, there are also certain procedures that work better with conventional techniques and others that require the speed and accuracy of CNC machining.


In today’s blog, we will be talking about the specific capabilities of CNC machining for gear manufacturing:


1. Designing Prototypes

Whenever manufacturers want to try out a new product design, they need a reliable way to quickly test their ideas before proceeding. Inputting the design specifications into a CNC machine’s software is an easy and dependable way to test out product design. The machine will be able to produce the design quickly, giving you plenty of time of work on improvements without taking up too much of your workers’ bandwidths.


2. Producing Small Components

Most gears fall under the category of small components, but a good amount of gear types can be produced via conventional machining. With that said, there are some parts that are too precise to be produced by conventional methods, requiring the infallible accuracy of computers. This is where CNC machining steps in.


3. Meeting Tight Deadlines

One of the key advantages of CNC machining is the speed it offers. Furthermore, it is an entirely automated process, meaning your workers can focus on other aspects of the business or on other projects. This makes CNC machines ideal for when large orders come in, or when changes in deadlines cause an overhaul in logistics or planning. CNC machines can quickly meet orders without compromising results. In fact, only the best gear companies make sure to have a diverse inventory of multiple types of machines to make sure they are always prepared to deliver top-notch services.


The experts at True Gear and Spline understand the value of CNC machining and how it can drastically speed processes up, improve product quality, and boost customer bottom lines. For this reason, we always ensure to stay updated on all the latest machinery in the market. For more information on our facilities and capabilities, call us or visit our website today.