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3 Notable Advantages Of Gear Hobbing

May 30, 2022

3 Notable Advantages Of Gear Hobbing

Let's begin this blog with the question — What is gear hobbing? Hobbing is one of the most common methods of gear manufacturing. It is a machining process used by gear manufacturers worldwide for cutting gear and splines with accuracy. 

There are mainly two types of hobbing processes, lubricated/wet or dry hobbing. As the name suggests, the former method uses lubricants. The coolants and lubricants help keep the hob from overheating. It is also beneficial in preventing damage to the tool. One of the significant drawbacks of lubricated hobbing is the increasing price of coolants.

Dry hobbing is another type used by gear manufacturers. It is relatively cheaper compared to wet hobbing. Most CNC hobbing machines use dry hobbing due to technological advancements and the development of better carbide tools. 


Here are three notable advantages of gear hobbing.



One of the significant advantages of hobbing is that it is one of the simplest gear manufacturing methods. Despite being a simple technique, it enables gear manufacturers to offer a faster turnover rate. Hobbing machines offer unmatched speed when it comes to gear manufacturing. 

Thanks to modern CNC hobbing machines, the accuracy with which gear cutting is done is unmatched. The operator has to input the instructions into a computer, and the machine will do the rest. The code gets converted to Cartesian coordinates by the software. The Cartesian coordinates then guide the movement of the hob, ensuring precise gear cutting.

Gear hobbing offers flexibility in terms of gear types that can be cut with accuracy. Helical gears, spur gears, worm gears, ratchets, splines, and sprockets can be manufactured with high accuracy with the help of hobbing machines. Hobbing is also relatively inexpensive compared to other methods.

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