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3 Reasons Gear Hobbing Companies Are The Best Option

March 26, 2020

3 Reasons Gear Hobbing Companies Are The Best Option

Today, gear hobbing is an essential process in any gear manufacturing facility. While dozens of gear manufacturing processes exist to create specific types of parts and fittings, hobbing minimizes the risk of human error by using advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machines to produce them. In doing so, manufacturers free up more hands to create specialized gears and guarantee excellent production results in each iteration.

Here are three undeniable advantages you receive when working with hobbing manufacturers:

Fast and Precise Procedure


Many gear manufacturing procedures take much more time than machine-automated gear hobbing. By using the special form-milling machine called hob, it creates accurate teeth and spline in gears and shafts. Because of the automatic machine-based process, hobbing delivers precision-made gears at the fastest rate possible.

Multiple Machines Add Flexibility


Gear hobbing doesn't only use just one hob. A single machine can fit multiple types of hobs depending on the required set and shape of teeth and splines. With a virtually limitless number of variations, manufacturers will have no trouble producing conventional spur and helical gears that most mechanical machines need. In fact, custom-made hobs help automate and speed up specialized gear parts manufacturing for many gear makers.

Advanced Gear-Making Procedures


Hobbing helps save time not just for clients but for the manufacturer too. In doing so, they can deliver advanced and specialized gear making services beyond the limits of hobbing. For example, internal gear manufacturing requires internal gears, which have inward-facing teeth and spline. With more personnel free to operate advanced gear shaping machines such as the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's ST40 Gear Shaping Machine, they can bring to life the most advanced gear designs without issues.

Always Have Excellent Results


True Gear & Spline has been providing high-quality gear manufacturing solutions for companies that require advanced and long-lasting gears and shafts for their machines. Learn more about all that we can do for you by contacting us today!