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3 Ways Spur Gears Make Modern Living Possible

May 24, 2019

3 Ways Spur Gears Make Modern Living Possible

Spur gears are one of the most functional mechanical components. They have seen wide application in a variety of industrial and manufacturing sectors, being key to the mechanical function of essential appliances and infrastructure that we utilize in our daily lives.



We owe a lot of the modern world’s functionality to this humble gear.



Here are just some of the ways spur gears impact our daily lives:


1. Aircraft Engines and Railway Trains


Spur gears are a favourite to be used in aircraft engines and railway trains because of how cost-efficient they are. Fun fact: these engines are usually so noisy because when the teeth of one spur gear get in contact with the teeth of another gear, they make a loud colliding noise. As these engines are made up of many spur gears, they end up being quite noisy.


2. Kilns and Ball Mills


Spur gears are also great for high-torque, low-speed processes like the ones in sugar mills or ball mills. Furthermore, these gears can be used in power stations to help convert hydroelectric or wind energy into usable electrical energy.


3. Washing machines, Dryers and Blenders


The ability of spur gears to efficiently increase or decrease the power of an object makes it an ideal choice for washing machines and blenders, which require near-instant power up.


In a nutshell, each spur gear offers a variety of advantages especially for high speed and high load applications. Its ability to multiply power and increase or decrease the speed of an object quickly makes it a perfect choice for most household appliances.


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