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4 Applications of Helical Gears Across Industries

May 28, 2021

4 Applications of Helical Gears Across Industries

The larger, angled teeth of helical gears allow them to deliver smoother and quieter operations as compared to spur gears. While the two achieve the same objective, helical gears offer the best option for a significant reduction in vibrations. They also help lessen the levels of friction, thus allowing to transmit larger torque levels. Here are four uses of helical gears.


Applications that use helical gears



Helical gears are perfect for torque transmissions in vehicles because of the smoothness they offer during torque transfer. The quietness and the lower levels of vibration during operations help ensure that the system doesn’t disrupt or dislodge other nearby mechanical components, thus making it a predictable and stable system. Noisy cars are a thing of the past due to advanced helical gear designs.



Like vehicles and automobiles, the engines in airplanes too depend on helical gears. Airplanes require large, customized helical gears. The primary reason aircraft manufacturers rely on high-quality helical gears due to the reduced backlash and smoother operations that they offer.



Ship engines and propellers use transmission systems that need custom-designed helical gears. The interaction of water with mechanical equipment is more complex than the air pressure that vehicles and airplanes encounter. Helical gears are perfect for ships because they need quiet, non-disruptive engines.


Industrial Machine Gearboxes

Advanced industrial machine gearboxes, which you can find in most mechanical manufacturing, fabricating, and construction machines, require high-quality helical gears. Most top-class manufacturers, such as True Gear and Spline custom-make them depending on a project's requirements.


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