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4 Characteristics of A Well-Made Spline Shaft

May 21, 2021

A large number of mechanical equipment depends on spline shafts to deliver adequate transfer of force from its powerful motor. Without a capable spline shaft, it is almost impossible for heavy-duty industrial machinery to work efficiently. If you're looking for the best splines, these are some of the qualities that you should look for.


Characteristics of a top-notch spline shaft


Uses The Best Materials

A good spline shaft is generally made using an alloy such as steel, which ensures that it has long-term durability while delivering exceptional performance. The strongest shafts usually use stainless steel and carbon steel which offer maximum corrosion resistance, the capability to handle strong loads and tensions, and improved ductility. In addition, it must have an exceptional finish that ensures its composition remains in good shape at all times.


Has Accurate Dimensions

A finished spline shaft must match the dimensions that its designers specified in its blueprint. Any deviation from these measurements would affect the machine’s performance. If the shaft and gear have minor deviations, it could result in limited torque transfer. Such a scenario can compromise the machine's health due to accelerated wear and tear during operations.


Made To Purpose

All spline shafts have different load capacities, which manufacturers such as True Gear & Spline pay close attention to at all times. A shaft that cannot carry the entire torque across its structure will most likely transfer only 50-60% of power to the gears. In addition, manufacturers need to ensure that they produce the right variant for each machine to avoid any operational issues.


Guarantees Performance

All well-made shafts usually come with a long lifespan and deliver excellent performance because they can handle the demands of the motor to operate heavy-duty machinery. Reputable manufacturers guarantee their products’ operational life.


Get Gears And Splines From Top-Tier Manufacturers

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