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4 Convincing Benefits of Re-Machining Your Internal Splines

December 23, 2020

4 Convincing Benefits of Re-Machining Your Internal Splines

Internal splines are powerful torque delivery systems. While gears transfer power through one gear tooth at a time, male splines deliver them en masse by inserting directly into female splines, allowing them to transfer torque much more completely. However, they will suffer from wear and tear regardless of their manufacturing quality.


Before you decide to replace them, consider the benefits of spline re-machining:


Much More Affordable

Purchasing a complete replacement of internal splines will be much more expensive than having it re-machined. Some metal machining and fabricating companies can help restore your worn and torn splines into shape. Truthfully, welders and cutters with spline and gear manufacturing experience can help you with the task with reduced service price.


Sustainability through Frequent Maintenance

Once you have your internal splines re-machined, you can have the same team of manufacturers or welders to ensure sustainable performance through frequent maintenance. With careful measurements and observations of its overall condition, machinists and fabricators can cut, grind, and weld it back into shape quickly.


Enhanced Work Productivity

Both replacement and re-machining services enhance work productivity. However, with re-machining services, you'll have spent less on expenses and have reduced surplus in your facility. You get more value for money from your aged yet useful splines rather than selling it for salvage at an extremely low value.


Highly Accurate Fit

Both manufacturers and re-machinists with CNC and cutting capabilities ensure that all your gears have an accurate fit precise for all similar components you need re-machined. In this light, you'll have splines that deliver the same level of torque, similar to its first-time use.


It's Easy to Find Dependable Spline Manufactures For All Your Needs

If you have yet to use a spline replacing or re-machining service, you can always count on True Gear & Spline to deliver the best results for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services!