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4 Efficient Ways to Maintain Your Spur Gears

September 14, 2020

4 Efficient Ways to Maintain Your Spur Gears

Spur gears make it possible for vehicles to carry heavy loads. Additionally, spurs allow equipment and machines to achieve exceptional productivity results in most manufacturing or logistical operations. However, these components suffer from wear and tear over time.


Here are four practical ways to maintain your spurs and maintain their consistency:


Inspect for Debris

The number-one enemy of any gearbox system is debris and dust. These problematic particles can cake and dislodge spur gears. Additionally, they can accelerate rusting and corrosion, especially if you have uncoated gears. In light of this, always repeatedly inspect for debris by having your maintenance team remove and check your spurs when possible. 


Check Alignment

If you hear a loud noise or are experiencing low to no torque transmission, it's highly likely the spur gears have become misaligned. Truthfully, this problem is common with vehicles. Equipment that uses spurs extensively for speed and torque transmission face the same problems. As such, make sure you conduct preventative maintenance often to make sure your systems are all in good working order.


Use Lubrication Where Applicable

Lubricating oil is the lifelong partner of all mechanical devices. Without proper lubrication, gears can grind and deteriorate faster than those with proper oil lubrication levels. Always check the manufacturer's lubrication guide before changing or adding new lubricating oil to your gearboxes and other machinery.


Spurs Are Consumables

Most equipment and gear manufacturers consider spurs as consumable items. Therefore, they expect it never to last longer than the actual engine, machine, or equipment. Considering this, manufacturers always make sure to have fully-compatible replacements when you need them. If replacements are not available on hand, you can usually ask a gear manufacturer to make the part you need.


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