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4 Essential Machining Services Every Manufacturer Needs

September 10, 2020

CNC machining is essential when it comes to building precision parts of any size and shape. However, parts manufacturing entails more than just milling and machining to produce the best-quality components. Manufacturers need to be able to supply their clients with CNC machining capabilities, but also with conventional machining quality so that parts are prepped for CNC machining.


Here are four essential machining services that Toronto's top-performing machinists provide for businesses:



Before CNC machining, gears have to be ground to the right shape. At True Gear & Spline, we follow your engineering designs to the dot when it comes to our automated grinding process. In doing so, we ensure that this component will be able to fit with others that make up the entirety of your high-quality prototype or mass-produced product.



Cutting raw materials before CNC machining is an essential process. However, it requires careful processing to ensure highly accurate and precisely-cut gears and other components. At True Gear & Spline, we provide only the best cutting services using state-of-the-art gear cutting equipment. We guarantee 100% faithfulness to your parts design.



Shaping involves using specialized equipment that makes sure the output follows your engineering designs entirely down to the dot. Only experienced manufacturers have the equipment and personnel capable of shaping gears into fully-accurate representations.


Turning and Milling

Machining involves turning, milling, and grinding the parts and fittings high-quality manufacturers produce. Shaping is a part of this process. It is essential that every part, piece, and component of your prototype or product is entirely accurate.


If you have yet to find a dependable machinist, you can count on us at True Gear & Spline to provide you with the best results for all your projects. With decades of experience providing top-quality results for our clients, we guarantee only success in all our projects. Contact us today to learn more about our machining capabilities.