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4 Essential Splined Shaft Manufacturing Equipment

March 15, 2021

4 Essential Splined Shaft Manufacturing Equipment

The Splined shaft is exceptionally important for vehicles, machines, and other industrial and mobility equipment to deliver consistent torque across its network of gears and cogs. When these direct-to-motor shafts break down, it can cause huge operational delays throwing off the logistics for your projects. You'll want to work with gear manufacturers that use the following machines that help keep work efficient:

Mitsubishi ST 40A

With a programmable lead guide, the numeric-control technologies of the ST 40A allow for the highest speed with exceptional precision operation.

When it comes to manufacturing splined shafts, this machine uses an internal spline, and is commonly used in the automotive industry.

It has built in software that shortens the production time of conventional and special gears reducing cycle times efficiently.

Mitsubishi GE 20A

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's GE 20A prioritizes shortened cycle times by having its own programmable features that allow for speedy processes. In turn, this has improved True Gear & Spline's splined shaft production by a huge mile, and this is to your advantage too!

Gleason Pfauter PSA 500

The superior design of the PSA 500 allows it to handle ram stroke speeds from 90-900 seconds per minute. Supplemented by a huge 500mm wheel diameter capable of carrying 1,000kg, it stands out as one of the finest shaft and gear hobbing equipment we currently have that simplifies our processes efficiently.

Gleason Phoenix GH Series

With a hob speed range of 150-1500 rotations per minute, the GH series of 400, 200, and 125 are exceptional in taking our operations at True Gear & Spline to the next level. It can hob shafts and gears with lengths up to 215mm and diameters up to 115mm. This allows our operations to be versatile and efficient at the same time.

It's Easy to Find a Gear Manufacturer With These High-Productivity Equipment 

If you have yet to find a reliable gear manufacturer to work with, you can always depend on us at True Gear & Spline. With top-tier equipment, decades of experience, and well-trained personnel, we only guarantee the best results for all your projects. Contact us today to learn about how our splined shaft can assist your next project!