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4 Exceptional Uses of Helical Gears

January 04, 2019

4 Exceptional Uses of Helical Gears

When it comes to manufacturing, having safe and high-quality machinery is essential. Helical gears are one of the most common gear types used in production, manufacturing, and automotive industries. Their teeth are designed to gradually mesh as the gear turns, allowing for smoother rotation when it comes to high-speed machines. This special ability makes them exceptional in a broad range of manufacturing systems.


Here are 4 exceptional uses of helical gears:


Less Noisy

Factories and workshops can get inbearably noisy. Why not cut down the level of noise as much as you can? One of the most exciting benefits of helical gears is that they make less noise than other gears. Thus, they are well-sought for massive manufacturing operations. It gives a more controlled machine transition that absorbs vibration and shocks well. Your employees will thank you!



The teeth of helical gears allow axial forces to sustain twisting or spinning movements. These gears are therefore recommended for machinery that require faster rotation of speed, carry heavy loads of products, or operate 24/7.



This type of gear is a top choice for plants with heavy-duty machines and construction operations. This is because helical gears are able to handle a more substantial torque shift than other types of gears. They can do this thanks to their balanced, well-designed gear teeth—ideal for those heavy duty jobs.



Their design provides flexibility while maintaining durability. These gears come with shafts that can be connected in either parallel or perpendicular set up, depending on the purpose of the machinery. They allow machinery to be customized to unique needs, making the operation as efficient as possible.


Final Thoughts

Helical gears are the default preference of engineers and machine manufacturing owners because of its known benefits for 24/7 and heavy usage. Its smooth transition and a more discreet option is a go-to advantage for engine operators and factory workers.