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4 Main Types of Bevel Gear Designs

October 22, 2021

Ideal engineering design will always avoid unnecessary complexity during gear manufacturing. However, practical applications require a certain level of complexity and here’s where angular gears come into the picture. Bevel gears are one such popular type of gear that is used in situations where equal torque and force are required at any angle. Due to this feature, they're an essential component in gearboxes. Moreover, bevel gears themselves can be further classified into 4 types.



Here are the four standard bevel gear types used in a plethora of equipment.





Straight bevel gears have a pitched surface with teeth that taper towards their apex. Its conical shape and curved teeth allow it to mate with an angled gear in the smoothest possible way. Bevel gears often interact with spur gears and helical shafts. For the best bevel gear design with the shortest turn-around time, choose gear manufacturing experts such as True Gear & Spline Ltd., the industry leader in designing gears of any configuration.




These bevel gears are almost identical to typical bevel gears except that they have curved teeth whose ends are on the same plane as the gear's axis. Plus, each tooth's middle section sweeps around the entire gear in a circumferential manner. Thus, they can be considered a type of spiral bevel gear, whose spiral angle is zero.




Hypoids do not have conical pitch surfaces. This feature allows manufacturers to set their pinions below or above the gear center. As a result, hypoids mesh more smoothly with other gears and have a massive pinion diameter and a longer lifespan than their counterparts. Due to these properties, car manufacturers often include them in their gearbox designs.


Mitre Gears


These are special bevel gear arrangements where the gear shafts are perpendicular to each other. Comprising a pair of bevel gears with the same number of teeth, the gears have a conical pitch surface that allows them to perpendicularly transform rotational movement with a precise 1:1 ratio.


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