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4 Signs Your Spur Gears Need Replacing

September 18, 2020

Spur gears are cylindrical gears that have a simple, straightforward design. With parallel teeth that span the cylinder's circumference, they are an essential component of many applications, including conveyor belts, vehicle engines, gear pumps, and more. Their use makes them crucial to any mechanical equipment or intricate machinery. 


Here are four ways to know if the spur gear is causing issues with your machines. 


Inaccurate Speed and Torque

A spur gear’s primary task is to transmit the rapid speed and high torque of engines to other parts of the machine. If it fails, it will transmit these forces poorly. Signs of inaccurate speed include machine slowdown, increasing utility bills, and insufficient exertion of mechanical force. Most manufacturers provide replacement spurs for their products.


Increasing Utility Bills

Truthfully, spur gears aren't the only primary factor that increases your utility bills. However, if your machine exerts enough speed and force, but your machine still can't reach its earlier or primary performance, then the spur gears are likely the issue. We highly advise that you call on your manufacturer's certified technicians to help you figure out the primary cause.


Abnormal Noise During Operation

Loose spurs can cause abnormal noise during machine operation. Often, disjointed spurs might grind or vibrate against other gears, causing collisions and reducing the lifespan and functionality of your equipment. If you hear abnormal noise during operation, inspect the connections and attachments between gears and secure them.


Ten Years of Continuous Use

Any machine in use for ten years consistently would highly-likely show signs of deterioration and age. This may warrant a full machine replacement rather than a single spur replacement, though you will not know for sure until you have experts come in and inspect your machinery. 


If your spurs need replacements, you won't need to look far to find suitable manufacturers and suppliers. Here at True Gear & Spline, we can provide you with the best gear replacements. Learn more about our services and capabilities by visiting our website.