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4 Widely-Used Machines That Have A Need For Helical Gears

March 01, 2021

4 Widely-Used Machines That Have A Need For Helical Gears

Helical gears are some of the most dependable components every equipment manufacturer should have on hand. These gears can transfer motion with constant torque and shift flawlessly, making them perfect for an automobile transmission. Besides this use, helicals have wide use in four other machines that we use daily.

Conveyor Belts

Food processing plants and postal companies use different belt types for their conveyor belts. However, the conveyor's underlying mechanical movement uses helical gears at its core. Conveyors require consistent torque and pull, enabling belts to perform the transfer motion flawlessly.

Textile Manufacturing Machines

Food processors, textile manufacturing machines use conveyors with different belt types with helical gears at their core. In doing so, it maximizes manufacturing capacity without sacrificing and raising conveyor belt maintenance costs.

Printing Presses

Printers use high-quality set printing tiles to produce highly-accurate prints of newspapers, books, and other print materials. Because typesets can vary in weight, presses must use top-quality helicals to operate smoothly.


Elevators use helicals to offset and enable themselves to carry enormous weight levels, without sacrificing performance, to reduce pulley load levels. Helicals guarantee the smoothest possible movement, preventing discomfort among its passengers as long as it's kept well-maintained.


Lastly, auto manufacturers have wide use for helicals because they're perfect as vehicle torque transmission devices. High-quality helicals, such as those that True Gear & Spline manufactures, can achieve consistent torque transfers with zero hiccups. This performance enables helicals to be a priority component among automatic transmission vehicles.

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