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5 Common Methods of Gear Cutting

October 26, 2021

Gear manufacturing technology has advanced to new levels thanks to modern equipment and effective designs. However, some classic gear cutting approaches are still in wide use in machine shops across the world.



Here are 5 such popular gear cutting practices.




Hobbing is done with a hobbing machine, which can be considered a special type of milling machine. The hobbing machine includes two cutters, where one is stationary and the other has the ability to rotate, pressed against the end of an axle or other rotating shaft. The rotating cutter removes material from the axle while the other remains stationary. It's the most used method of cutting gears for many fabricators because of its efficiency and dependability.



Milling is the process of cutting teeth on the outside of a gear blank using a cutting tool called a milling cutter. The milling cutter is inserted into the gear blank and rotated, allowing the cutting edge to carve the teeth. Milling can be done on a gear shaper or a hobbing machine.



In gear manufacturing, skiving is the process of shaving a sliver or slicing off of a cylindrical object, usually a piece of metal. This is done to make gears with different tooth thicknesses, an essential gear function for many applications. Generally, gear manufacturers use a radial arm saw, a table saw, and a band saw for skiving gears.



Broaching is a machining process in which a cutting tool called a broach is used to cut a hole of a certain shape. The tool has the general shape of a pointed tool with a curved cutting edge, making it highly effective for cutting purposes. Fabricators often use a vertical and a horizontal broaching machine to achieve excellent results, such as the CNC broaching and keyway slotting machine used by True Gear & Spline Ltd., the industry leaders in offering excellent gear manufacturing solutions.



Shearing in gear making is the process of using cutting tools that have indentations that match the space between each tooth. This equipment can effectively cut straight spur gears or even involute spur gears depending on the shape of the cutting tool and are also easy to maintain, making them a cost-effective way to make gears.


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