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5 Excellent Equipment That Reputable Spline Shaft Manufacturers Use

September 22, 2020

5 Excellent Equipment That Reputable Spline Shaft Manufacturers Use

Manufacturing spline shafts and other gear components is no easy feat. Dependable and experienced companies have to invest in top-notch equipment that guarantees results without any design deviations. If you are looking for gear manufacturing services, make sure to only work with a company that uses advanced machinery.


Here are just some of the machinery used by True Gear & Spline, a leading gear manufacturer for businesses in the GGA.


Agie Charmilles Cut 300

With five axes working to create small-sized gears and spline shafts, the Cut 300 is a cut above the rest thanks to its Integrated Collision Protection (ICP) system that ensures none of the five axes collide with each other. In addition, it has an XYUVZ glass scale fitting with absolute coding and is laser-tested before it leaves the factory.


Gleason Phoenix 125, 200 and 400

Vertical spline shafts and gear manufacturing tools take up less space and reduce the risk of accidents and poor production results. True Gear & Spline has over three Gleason Phoenix series machines. Each one of these handles 125mm, 200mm, and 400mm gear shaping and hobbing responsibilities respectively, which helps make manufacturing processes much more productive.



Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's ST-40 A is one of the most groundbreaking spline shaft and gear hobbing machines in the industry today. With built-in software that allows it to maximize its accuracy and production precision, this machine allows True Gear & Spline to improve its manufacturing speed by 10%.


Gleason Pfauter PSA 500

A machine capable of handling 500mm gears, shaft shaping and hobbing, as well as delivering ram stroke speeds ranging from 90-900 seconds per minute - the PSA 500 is our heavy-duty gear shaper, helping us to handle larger orders and bigger gears.


Mitsubishi GE 20A

Another MHI equipment we have in our 22,000-square foot production facility, the programmable and automatable GE 20A improves cycle times with its precise results. It is one of our most valuable equipment for our daily operations.


True Gear & Spline has been working with companies from various industries for over 40 years, providing quality gear manufacturing services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and capabilities!