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5 Major Types of Spline Shafts

September 15, 2021

Splines are the rims and teeth on a drive shaft that pair up with the edges of a mating piece and dispatch torque to it, which helps in maintaining the angular concurrence between them. For example, a gear mounted on a shaft might be using a male spline that pairs with the female spline on the respective gear. Thus, spline shafts can handle massive loads because of their high-load bearing build and design that evenly distributes the weight.

Different Types of Spline Shafts

Here are five types of splined shafts that you might need for your latest project:


The shaft's tapered ridges reduce the load stress during gear operation. Involute shafts are basic designs of other advanced spline designs.


Some types of equipment require gears with angular misalignment. Crowned spline shafts accommodate these components, thanks to their unique teeth that smoothen out towards the spline's end face.


A spline shaft that you can easily distinguish because of its non-involute tooth. The angle allows many more gears to be set within the shaft.


A helical gear's ridges form its signature helix pattern. It often has parallel or involute splines. These offer substantial thrust force that requires above-standard thrust bearings for proper handling.


A parallel spline shaft's teeth are always square. These are basic shaft designs that advanced shafts use as the base of their original function.

Industry-wise Applications of Spline Shafts 

Here are a few applications of spline shafts across various industries:


Spline shafts are a vehicle's main drive shaft because almost every gear receives torque and force from this shaft that is connected to the vehicle's engine.


Airplanes use splined shafts, just like vehicles. They have the main drive shaft that connects and delivers force to its other gears.

Agricultural Equipment

Heavy-duty agricultural equipment has high torque-capable spline shafts. Hay balers, harvesting equipment, and other advanced farming tools extensively use splined shafts in their design.

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