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5 Methods Of Manufacturing Splined Shafts

November 19, 2021

5 Methods Of Manufacturing Splined Shafts

Splined shafts are widely used in machinery across industries. The torque power offered by these shafts is superior as compared to other mechanical components. The resulting higher torque power is mainly due to a larger contact surface area. Precise engagement between mechanical parts is another reason splined shafts offer high torque. 


An Overview of Spline Shafts


A spline shaft is a cylindrical shaft with teeth or ridges. The teeth or ridges facilitate the transmission of torque between mechanical components. The goal of these shafts is to maximize torque between mechanical parts in an assembly.

The even distribution of load among the ridges helps spline shafts provide more torque than key shafts. Allowable tolerance, coupling configuration, and the required pressure angles are important factors considered while manufacturing shafts. 



Methods of manufacturing splined shafts


In this method, a tool called broach is used to remove material. A broach is a toothed tool that offers high accuracy in removing material. There are two types of broaching — linear and rotary. 



Milling is a machining process that uses rotary cutters to remove materials. It is one of the most used methods for manufacturing splined shafts. 



Hobbing is a machining process essentially used for cutting gears, sprockets, and splines. A hobbing machine can be used to cut splines in shafts with high accuracy and relative ease. It is one of the most inexpensive methods for manufacturing splined shafts.



The extrusion method is used to manufacture splinted shafts of a fixed cross-sectional profile. In this method, the material is squeezed through a die to acquire the desired shape. 




Shaping is one of the most traditional methods used for manufacturing internal splines. In this method, a single-point cutter fixed on a ram is used for cutting splines on a shaft. 


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