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5 Reasons Companies Outsource Gear Cutting Operations

June 10, 2021

A wide range of industries depend on gear cutting companies to supply them with high-quality gears for their machines' performance and for their product components. You may be wondering why this service is so often outsourced to gear specialists instead of being conducted in-house.



Here are 5 reasons why outsourcing gear cutting is always the better option:



Significant Capital

A gear cutting company requires a good amount of capital to be invested in the top machinery. Furthermore, these operations take up much floor space and will require a separate facility. There are also further logistical complications around the movement and storage of supplies. An in-house gear department is a costly and incredibly complicated endeavor that many companies would rather avoid.


Intensive Labour Training and Recruitment

All the most efficient and experienced gear cutting specialists work with gear manufacturing companies that can provide them with the best training and machinery to work with.


Top-Tier Equipment and Devices

As previously mentioned, access to the right machinery is pivotal to the success of a gear manufacturing facility. Top gear companies have a whole inventory of CNC machines, conventional machines, and other logistical and machinery setups to enable to best manufacturing practices and cutting-edge gear technologies.


Locating Quality Raw Material Suppliers

Gear processing accuracy depends highly on both labour and machine skill and precision. However, raw materials also play a significant role. These gear companies have established supply lines that enable them to source the best materials for use in gears.


Untested Performance

Gear cutters pride themselves on their gears' top-notch performance thanks to decades of adaptability, knowledge-building, and experience. They conduct frequent testing on products and prototypes, ensuring quality for decades.


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