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5 Types of Equipment That Use Bevel Gears

November 12, 2021

Bevel gears are mechanical devices that transmit torque at intense levels from one direction of force into another when two axles meet each other at a 90-degree angle. Its space-saving and multi-angular capabilities are used in vehicles and heavy-duty mechanical equipment. Here are five types of equipment that use bevel gears to a great extent.


Applications Of Bevel Gears In Heavy-Duty Equipment

Differential Drives

These drives can change their torque levels significantly depending on their current task. For example, they can adjust a compressor's pressure levels with their variable drive capabilities. Differential drives see extensive use for bevel gears.


A hand drill's gearbox is as complex as enormous machines. Hand drills use bevel gears to modify the handle's vertical rotation to the drill's horizontal rotation. They can achieve exceptional torque levels that create holes in concrete, wood, and other solid materials. Drill bits, gearboxes, and AC motors play prominent roles in functional and dependable drills.


Helicopters have multi-angled bevel gears that transmit torque in gears in various directions. Generally, helicopter gearboxes connect with the central motor system's gear and perform their high-speed functions.

Conveyors use multi-angled gears with varying alignment capabilities that help them lift heavy items and change speeds whenever necessary. Bevel gears are highly crucial to this operation.

Compressors and Compression Systems
Air compressors with dynamic or variable drives work closely with compression systems, and variable drives transmit their torque using bevel gears. Dynamic compression systems work with these gears to deliver excellent performance and highly accurate results.

Get The Best Bevel Gears From Reliable Manufacturers
Given above are some key applications of bevel gears in heavy-duty industrial equipment. You can always bank on True Gear and Spline to find the best gears for your project needs. We're confident that we can deliver the results you need. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.