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5 Types Of Machinery That Use Splined Shafts in Manufacturing

September 24, 2021

5 Types Of Machinery That Use Splined Shafts in Manufacturing

Spline shafts transmit massive torque through linear motion and rotation. These highly durable and dependable components use aluminum, brass, bronze steel, titanium, and other dense metals to achieve exceptional results. Multiple industrial processes use splined shafts for transferring torque along with convoluted configurations.

Five machine types that use splined shafts in their mechanical designs:


Automotives use spline shafts with gearboxes to change their transmissions from low to high speeds. Splined shafts can handle massive speeds and still deliver consistent torque levels. Therefore, automobiles benefit from a spline shaft's resilience and dependability greatly.


Airplanes have mechanics and designs like cars. Splined shafts play a huge role in maximizing propeller rotation speeds and controlling its landing equipment. Thus, aluminum-based spline shafts are crucial in aviation technology and development.

Construction Equipment

High speed and constant torque in splined shafts make them excellent components of earth-moving equipment that most construction companies use. Plowing, digging, and other trenching equipment can achieve faster yet consistent results thanks to spline shafts and their capabilities.

Boring Machinery

Drills use splined shafts extensively because of their uniform strength and unparalleled adaptability to varying speeds. As a result, drill-making companies make high-quality boring machines with dense steel alloys and titanium that effectively dig holes through the ground.

AC Motors

Lastly, AC motors that have interchangeable shafts can have good spline shafts or helical gears. Most AC motor-powered equipment uses spline shafts because of their consistent delivery of strength at high speeds. Therefore, they're much more adaptable than other shafts for AC motors.

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