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6 Easy Tips to Maintain Helical Gears

August 10, 2021

Helical gears can function smoothly and achieve remarkable capabilities with proper maintenance. With the lack of regular maintenance, the angled teeth of the gears can cause operational issues. Here are six easy tips to follow to maintain the performance of your helical gears.



How to keep helical gears in top shape


Inspect helical gears frequently

All gearbox and helical gears require consistent visual inspections to make sure that you don't miss any telltale signs of leaks, paint discolouration, excessive vibrations, and others. These can indicate a call for intensive cleaning or replacements.

Clean daily

Everyday cleaning is essential for helical gears and gearboxes working in environmentally challenging areas that have high dust, dirt, and sand levels. Contaminants can contribute to overall engine heating, misalignment, and gear damage.

Lubricate regularly

A regularly lubricated gearbox can avoid overheating problems. The amount, quality, and type of lubrication are essential to achieve optimal engine performance. Consult with your machine's manufacturer about the most compatible lubricators available.

Observe gear temperature

Helical gears and gearboxes can still overheat with daily cleaning and regular lubrication due to several factors. Hence, always check the equipment's temperature using an infrared gun. Measure the gearbox's performance during its peak activities for optimal observation results.

Note helical gearbox rate

Helical gears can achieve top-notch results if the gearboxes comply with the demands of your operational activities. However, gearboxes deteriorate and their performance decreases over time. Check your machine's helical gearbox rate to make sure it's functioning smoothly.

Work with a good distributor or manufacturer

Make sure you work with greatly dependable distributors for optimal machine maintenance. For example, you can always trust True Gear and Spline for your gear replacement needs.


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