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A Guide To Understanding Helical Gears

March 25, 2022

Technological innovations have had a severe impact on the way industries function. State-of-the-art equipment that is capable of doing complex tasks in a short period has enabled industries to take a giant leap. Technology has enabled industries to deliver the kind of products and services that was never possible in the history of humankind. 


One of the major aspects of any machine is gears. Torque transfer is essential for the functioning of industrial machines and gears make it possible. Spur, bevel, worm, and hypoid are some types of gear that are commonly used in machines of different sizes. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss helical gears.


A brief guide about helical gears


The angled tooth in this gear enables a silent and smooth operation. Square peg teeth found in some gears make more operation noise due to a smaller contact surface area. 


The number of teeth found in a helical type of gear is much more as compared to other gears. Not only this but they are also situated close to each other offering more strength and load-bearing capability.


The well-balanced helix angle found in this type of gear guarantees a long lifespan. The gears get deteriorated less as a result of even load distribution.


A higher number of teeth and well-balanced axes offer greater torque transfer making this type of gear in great demand among different industries. 


One of the important things to consider while sourcing helical gears is to go for only recognized and trustworthy manufacturers. Due to the complex teeth alignment and the helix angle, not everyone can manufacture helical gears with accuracy.

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