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A Quick Introduction to Gear Shaping

January 18, 2021

A Quick Introduction to Gear Shaping

Gears are an important component of any sort of machinery today. It is one of the many great innovations that have existed for thousands of years. With gears, large amounts of energy can be converted into movement with minimal effort, enabling the discovery and invention of many machines today. Manufacturers utilize different processes to produce gears and splines. Some methods including CNC machining, hobbing, and broaching. One of the most common processes used today is called gear shaping.


Although a similar process to broaching, it has developed over time to become one of the most precise methods of gear manufacturing today.


Shaping is a relatively simple automated process in which it uses a cutting tool to form different shapes on a metal blank. In terms of gear shaping, a reciprocating cutting tool in the form of a gear continuously cuts and shapes the edge of a gear blank. While reciprocating on the vertical axis, the cutting tool also rotates at the same rate as the gear blank. One small cut after another, the shape of each tooth on the gear is formed. Once the last tooth has been completely shaped, gear is complete.


This process can be done on both the exterior and interior of the gear blank. It is what makes this method different from the other processes. Although it is often a slower process than other methods, shaping is precise and flexible. It is often used for small detailed cuts or cuts made on shoulders with minimal clearance. Also, Gear shaping is often an alternative method where broaching is not an option for making cuts like blind holes and counterbores.


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