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Advanced CNC Machining Capabilities at True Gear & Spline

November 17, 2020

Advanced CNC Machining Capabilities at True Gear & Spline

Premier gear manufacturers such as True Gear & Spline take great care in building an arsenal of advanced machinery and equipment. It is these machines that help companies like True Gear & Spline surge ahead of the competition and cement themselves as one of the best manufacturing companies in the GTA. Prototyping, mass production, and quality inspection processes are all dramatically improved thanks to advanced CNC machining capabilities.


At True Gear & Spline, an inventory of machines for all kinds of manufacturing processes including hobbing, shaping, cutting, and more is maintained. Each of these machines comes with their own set of functionalities and specifications, capable of handling a wide variety of production volumes. Furthermore, accuracy and precision are greatly increased thanks to the ability of CNC machining to utilize cutting-edge design software.


Here are just some of the machines that True Gear & Spline maintains:


CNC Gear Shapers

  • ST-40A Mitsubishi CNC 7 Axis Gear Shaper capable of crown and taper gears with an internal capacity of 760mm.
  • ST-40 & SC-40 6 Axis Gear Shaping machines for internal and external helical gears with an internal capacity of 400mm
  • Gleason Pfauter PSA 500 CNC Gear Shaper with a 500mm capacity


CNC Gear Hobbers

  • Gleason Phoenix 400 GH CNC Gear Hobber with 400mm external capacity
  • Gleason Phoenix 200 GH CNC Hobber with 200mm external capacity
  • Gleason Phoenix 125 GH CNC Hobber with 200mm external Capacity
  • Mitsubishi GE 20A CNC Gear Hobber with 200mm external Capacity

These machines are all capable of cutting crown gears.


Wire EDM Machine

  • Agie Charmilles Cut with a 300 SP max face length, ideal for cutting 410mm and capable of multiple types of shapes including gears, splines, keyways, and more. This machine is also known as a wire discharge machine or a wire cutting machine.


Inspection Machine

  • Zeiss UMC 850mm*1200mm with the latest CNC controls and Calypso Gear Pro Software, providing gear charts for inspection.


As you can see, True Gear & Spline takes great pride in acknowledging the importance of advanced CNC machining capabilities. For all your gear needs, contact us today!