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All You Need To Know About Helical Gears

March 19, 2024
Dependable helical gears from True Gear & Spline Ltd. in Cambridge, ON

Welcome to all the curious souls. If like us you also tend to question the workings of things around you then this blog is for you. In this elaborate blog post, we discuss all you need to know about helical gears. These gears get their name because their teeth are helicoid, meaning they are cut at a helical angle. A pair of helical gears have the same helix angle and opposite helix hand. We at True Gear & Spline Ltd. leverage the power of technology to manufacture custom helical gears. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. Customization is at the heart of everything we do at True Gear & Spline Ltd. If you are looking to source helical gear, reading this blog until the end will help you make an informed decision.


How Do They Work?

Gears are used to transfer torque between two mechanical components and helical gear does a great job at it. Its simple yet effective design allows the helical gear to transfer motion and power between two shafts at an angle. The helix angle of the gears facilitates a smoother and quieter operation when compared to spur gears. 


The angled teeth of the helical gear facilitate a sliding contact as opposed to a sudden impact. The benefit of the former over the latter is there is less noise and vibration created during the operations. The gradual engagement between the teeth guarantees an even load distribution. Why is even load distribution important, you might ask? Well, it ensures that certain areas of the gear do not have to deal with all the pressure, which could damage the gear and halt the operation.


The helix angle plays a crucial role in determining how smoothly the gears operate. A higher helix angle results in greater tooth overlap, enhancing load-carrying capacity but potentially increasing axial forces on the shafts.


Advantages of Helical Gears


Smooth Operation

Helical gear is the perfect choice for those looking for a gear that can operate in the background without creating too much noise. You should go for helical gears if your application is noise-sensitive. Helical gears get the job done without creating too much ruckus. 


Load Bearing

You can put helical gears through extreme pressure and not worry about damage. The inclined teeth facilitate smoother, gradual contact. Even load distribution is another factor that enables helical gears to bear more load and transfer torque even under pressure.


Improved Efficiency

Smooth operation and even distribution of load leads to improved efficiency in helical gears.  The better meshing between teeth as compared to spur gears guarantees improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption. This makes them ideal for high-speed applications where precision and reliability are crucial.


Applications of Helical Gears


Automotive Transmissions

The automotive industry heavily relies on helical gears. The power transfer between the engine and the wheels is made possible with the help of helical gears. They play an important role in facilitating efficient acceleration and smooth gear shifting.


Conveyors and Mixers

Conveyors, mixers, and pumps are inextricable elements of the industrial world. The inclined teeth of helical gears make them perfect for powering conveyors and mixers without creating too much noise. These gears are ideal for heavy-duty applications where precision and reliability are crucial.


Propulsion Systems

Helical gears find use in marine systems like propulsion systems and winches due to their strength, efficiency, and compact design. The versatility of helical gears makes them indispensable across a wide range of applications where smooth power transmission is essential. A propulsion system requires reliability or the risk of ships getting stuck in the ocean is immense. Helical gears are durable, reliable, and efficient.


Helical gears are versatile and efficient. Their versatility makes them a crucial part of many mechanical systems. They are found in vehicles, airplanes, and propulsion systems. Look no further than True Gear & Spline Ltd. if you are in the market for dependable helical gears.

We use sophisticated machinery to custom-produce gears specifically to match your needs. Customization and customer satisfaction are at the heart of all we do at True Gear & Spline Ltd. Call us today at 1-877-270-9985 to place an order. We also offer services like gear shaping and gear cutting to our clients at the best rates.