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An Overview of Gear Shaping By True Gear & Spline Ltd.

April 19, 2022

An Overview of Gear Shaping By True Gear & Spline Ltd.

Gears and splines are both important for facilitating torque transfer among mechanical components. It is extremely difficult to make industrial machines function at an optimal level for longer durations without quality gears.


Each gear needs to be manufactured while adhering to the nature of the machine and its application. Even a slight deviation in the shape or size can affect the functionality of gears and splines. 


Gear shaping is one of the most common gear-cutting methods that guarantee accuracy. Gear manufacturers can process heavy volumes in a relatively shorter time with the help of this method.


Learn all about the gear shaping process


CNC machines are an integral part of the arsenal of equipment that enables us to offer unmatched service to our clients. Here are the prominent CNC machines that we use for gear manufacturing and shaping.


Gleason Pfauter PSA 500: This extraordinary machine is ideal for producing internal and stepped gears. The precision and faster speed the Gleason Pfauters PSA 500 CNC machine offers are unmatched.

Mitsubishi ST40: The accurate helix angle and quick return stroke are exceptional features of this state-of-the-art gear manufacturing machine from Mitsubishi. The quick cycle runs of this machine enable us to work on one-off parts or process larger batches.

Mitsubishi SC40: This spectacular machine from Mitsubishi is great for working on involute, external helical, double helical, and spur gears. 


The combination of ultra-modern gear manufacturing machines and skilled staff helps us offer top-notch products to our clients. Our ability to carry out internal and external shaping of splines, spur and helical gears make us one of the industry leaders in gear manufacturing. With over 19 gear shapers, we boast an impressive arsenal of equipment that enable us to handle complex projects simultaneously.


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