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Basic Characteristics of Spur Gears

May 17, 2022

Basic Characteristics of Spur Gears

Also known as straight-cut gears, spur gears are one of the most commonly used gears in machinery. Their simple yet effective design makes them ideal for numerous applications with varying complexities. 

The straight-cut gears get their name because they have straight teeth parallel to the shafts. Usually consisting of a disk or a cylinder, the teeth in this gear project radially. In straight-cut gears, tooth faces are parallel to the axis of rotation. 

Straight-cut gears can be classified on the basis of pressure angles. Initially, fourteen and a half degrees used to be the standard. In today's time, you mostly find only twenty-degree angle straight-cut gears used in machines and equipment. 


Things to know about spur gears



The teeth of the straight-cut gear are manufactured as involute or cycloidal profiles depending on the application. There are mainly two types of straight-cut gears:

External: As the name suggests, external straight-cut gears have teeth on the outside. One of their best features is that they can mesh with internal and external gears. An important factor to be highlighted here is that when two external gears mesh, both gears rotate in opposite directions. When an external gear meshes with internal gear, both gears rotate in similar directions. 

Internal: Internal gears are straight-cut gears with teeth cut on the inside. Two internal gears cannot be meshed together due to their shapes.

The compact design of spur gears makes them easy to install. The manufacturing process of this gear is relatively easy owing to its simplistic design. Manufacturing straight-cut gears can be a daunting task without the right equipment.

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