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Basic Gear Maintenance Guidelines

June 11, 2020

Basic Gear Maintenance Guidelines

Similar to other mechanical components, all types of gears including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, and racks should be well maintained so they can perform efficiently. This means carrying out regular maintenance checks and making sure that any issues whether big or small are handled proactively. Here are some things to look out for when conducting maintenance for your spur gears:




Lubrication is necessary for any gear mechanism to function at its best. It enables gears to move smoothly and limits the temperature increase resulting from friction. Lack of lubrication or using the wrong type of lubricant can damage even high quality manufactured gears including tooth wear and premature failure.


The lubricant choice depends on the gear’s rotating speed and the tangential speed. Generally, grease lubricants are used for maintenance purposes as it is good for low-speed gears, while splash lubrication and forced oil lubrication benefits medium and high-speed gears. Also, make sure lubricants are clean and do not contain any contaminants like dust.


Wear and tear signs


Due to constant friction, gear teeth may wear out sooner. Check your gears carefully for any signs of wear and tear, so you can replace the parts as needed. It is also important to use the proper type of lubricant at proper intervals. Specifically, the gear flanks in spur gears, as they are always in contact with the teeth of another gear and will result in normal wear and tear. 


Broken or chipped gear teeth


Although certain machines can still function with a chipped or broken gear tooth, it could affect the performance and output of the machine. So, replacing the gear might be the best option here. However, you can avoid broken teeth by making sure the gear is applied with sufficient lubricant and avoid high stress or excessive loads. Ensuring that your gears are maintained properly will help prevent or minimize system downtime, allowing your business to operate properly.


Here at True Gear & Spline, we take pride in our equipment and manufacturing techniques. We are constantly adapting to new innovative technologies to ensure that our clients are always getting the best and high-quality products from us. For each type of gear we make, from helical gears to spur gears, we use a combination of different machines to perfect their design and construction such as the ST-40A Mitsubishi CNC Gear shaper. Give us a call today to learn more about our products and services.