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Benefits of helical gears

April 26, 2018

Helical gears are a cylindrical gear type which have their teeth cut to an angle on the gear. Helical gears are synonymous with automotive gearboxes, offering a number of benefits over other gear types. In this article we look at some benefits of helical gears:


Helical gears are synonymous with automotive gearboxes for the lower NVH they offer.


1. Reduced noise and vibration – Helical gears by nature of their design engage gradually, rather than the entire tooth coming into contact at once. Moreover, helical gears remain in closer contact and are built to tighter tolerance. Both these factors reduce the noise and vibration emanating from the gearbox.


2. Flexible arrangement – Though their usual application is for parallel shafts, properly matched helical gears once aligned can be used to transfer power across perpendicular shafts.


3. Smoother operation – Since helical gears engage gradually, impact loading is minimized and the gear set operates much more smoothly.


4. Strength and high output – Helical gears are stronger than other spur gears and are used in high power and load applications. Helical gears are used in fertilizer, printing and even earth moving machinery.


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