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Breakdown of Gear Manufacturing Processes
Breakdown of Gear Manufacturing Processes
August 10, 2017

A gear is a set of toothed wheels designed to work together to make any mechanical object run. This is an essential piece for most assemblies. Since gears play an important part in the production process, providing the best piece for your machine is crucial to ensure efficiency. Therefore, one must consider the gear manufacturing process and the supplier when purchasing gears for your project since it is the basis of the gear's durability and reliability.

How Does Gear Manufacturing Work?

Gear manufacturing starts with the selection of materials. It is important to use materials with high tensile strength and high endurance strength when creating gears to produce high quality pieces that will withstand high volume commercial use at a cost effective price.

Gears can be manufactured through a variety of processes and here are a few of ways they can be created:

  1. Casting: One common type of gear manufacturing process is called the casting. This process is when you pour the liquefied metal into a mold and then wait for it to cool and solidify. Casting is preferred for gears with complex shapes as it flows freely to the mold and does not require you to weld or assemble w.
  2. Forging: Forging is another gear manufacturing option for designs with simple configurations. This process works by heating the metal to enhance its fatigue resistance and then shaping the metal through force usually by a power hammer to forge it into the desired shape.

To choose the best gear for your projects, finding the right supplier with the knowledge and expertise is important. True Gear & Spline Ltd. is a company that specializes in creating gears to the highest industry standard. They manufacture their gears in-house and are committed to providing exceptional products for your company's projects. They have an extensive list of services including gear cutting, grinding, internal splines and a lot more. Providing excellent customer service and expert advice, True Gear & Spline Ltd. will help your business grow.

I find gears fascinating! You explained it well!
Posted by: Nelly | September 28, 2017, 4:25 pm
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