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CNC Machining: A Step by Step Guide

April 19, 2021

CNC machining is an important process utilized to create key components and tools for various industries. CNC machining is unique in that it requires minimal to almost no human intervention. These machines are fitted with software that undertakes complex parts designs using computer numerical control. The machines are pre-programmed with code that takes care of the entire design, controlling the speed, feed rate, and coordination of the machine.


In today’s blog, we will be explaining the process of CNC machining.


1. The Design Phase

CNC machining is a highly technological process requiring deep expertise from skilled professionals. They work with software such as Computer Aided Design software to create the blueprints, both in 2D and 3D forms, based on your specifications. It is important to create a proper design to allow for visualization, conceptualization, early troubleshooting, and other planning.


2. The Programming Phase

Again, software is used extensively in this case. Computer Aided Manufacturing software is used to program the machines with the right instructions. The design is fed to the software and it converts the design into code, known as G-Code, which the machine is able to read.


3. Setup and Preparation

Each CNC machine can be fitted with different tools and materials to further customize its capabilities. At this stage, technicians will set up the machine with the right tools according to what is needed based on the design specifications. Technicians have to prepare carefully to make sure every step of the design process is met with the correct tools.


4. The Final Step

The final step in the machining process is the actual machining of the product. As this is a fully automated process based on computer code, one can expect highly precise and accurate results. The code will have to be flawless in order to ensure there is no issue with the final product.


CNC machining is a powerful tool that is vital to all kinds of industries. The experts at True Gear & Spline have the expertise and equipment to help you realize any design for your gears. Call us today for more information on our services!