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Common Applications of Bevel Gears

November 24, 2022

Common Applications of Bevel Gears

Gears are an important part of many types of machinery and engineering applications. Bevel gears are a type of gear that is designed to transmit motion between two shafts that are at right angles to each other. Here, we will explore the different applications of bevel-type gears and how they work.

Bevel Gear Applications

They are used in a wide variety of applications, from small instruments to large machinery. Their most common applications are:


-Vehicle drivetrains

-Differential gears


-Machine tools


Bevel gears are well-suited for use in vehicle drivetrains because they can transmit power at right angles, which is necessary for turning the wheels. Differential gears, as the name suggests, are used to provide differential action, which allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds while still providing torque to both wheels. Robotics often utilize bevel-type of gears in their joints, as the gear teeth mesh together perfectly and allow for precise movement. Machine tools also utilize bevel type of gears in many of their components, such as drill bits and saw blades.


How do bevel gears work?

The basic principle behind this gear is similar to that of other types of gear. They work by meshing two gear teeth together so that they can transfer rotational force from one gear to another. These gears differ from other types of gears in their shape. Instead of being circular, they have a slanted or bevelled edge. This enables them to mesh together properly and transfer force effectively.


Bevel type of gear is typically classified into two main types: mitre and hypoid. Mitre gears have teeth that are straight across from each other, while hypoid gears have teeth that are offset from each other. Mitre gears are the most common type used in industry today. Hypoid gears offer some advantages over mitre gears, but they are more expensive and less commonly used.



Bevel type of gear is one of the most versatile types of gear and can be used in a wide variety of applications. If you think that bevel gears could be suitable for your application, then get in touch with True Gear & Spline Ltd. today. We are one of the best gear manufacturers with decades of experience. We make use of CNC machining to offer higher precision.