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Common Applications of Splined Shafts

August 29, 2022

Common Applications of Splined Shafts

A splined shaft is a cylindrical shaft widely used in mechanical parts that require rotational movements. It comes with teeth and ridges that allow the shaft to be fixed to another rotating part. These shafts are designed to transfer power smoothly to other mechanical devices. The torque offered by such shafts is better than any other mechanical components. 


Many industries rely on these shafts for superior output. However, each application typically requires shafts with specific dimensions and tolerances. Check out some of the most common applications of such shafts in this blog.


Common Applications of Splined Shafts 


Manufacturing industry
In the manufacturing industry, these shafts are used in a variety of machines such as lathes and milling machines. They are also used in conveyor belts and other similar systems.


Industrial facilities
Industrial facilities often use shafts in various pieces of equipment. For example, they may be used in pumps, compressors, and other machines that need to rotate.


Earth-moving machinery
Earth-moving machinery such as bulldozers and excavators often use shafts due to the tolerance they offer. Using shafts ensure that the blades or buckets are able to move smoothly and without resistance. Spline shafts are also used in a variety of other applications, such as gearboxes and transmissions in these massive vehicles. 


Spline shafts are commonly used in locomotives to connect the axles to the wheels. This allows for a smoother operation and prevents slippage. In addition, locomotives use shafts in gearboxes and transmissions, just like earth-moving machinery.


Aviation industry
The aviation industry uses spline shafts in many different applications. They are often used to connect flight control surfaces to the rest of the aircraft.


Automotive industry
Spline shafts are responsible for a smooth steering system in automobiles. This allows the wheels to turn smoothly and without resistance.


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