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Common Reasons of Gear Failure

June 25, 2020

Like other mechanical parts, all types of gears such as spur gears, helical gears, worm gears, and bevel gears are subject to experience problems due to long time use or lack of proper maintenance.


The following are the most typical reasons for gear failure that you should know about and look out for:



Contaminated lubricants can be abrasive to the surface of the gear. Signs include efficiency downgrades and increased noise. To avoid this type of damage, make sure to keep your lubricant clean. Using filters to catch unwanted particles may also help.



The most noticeable cause of gear failure is breakage. The teeth of the gears could break due to insufficient lubricant, high stress, or excessive load. 



Corrosion results when the chemicals of the lubricants break down and eat away the metal of the gear. This is characterized by a uniform pitting and rusting on the surface of the gear. To prevent this damage from happening, always use a new lubricant whenever possible.



Typically, pitting happens when gears do not fit together properly. It could start out as a few small pits on the surface of the gear, and can become worse if the gear experiences surface overload and appear as large shallow holes.  


Wear and Tear

Constant use of all types of gears can result in wear and tear. The flank of a gear tooth experiences the most friction as it comes in contact with another gear making it prone to wear over time. When contaminated lubricant comes in contact with the surface of the gear can also lead to wear and tear.


Any small issues should be addressed as early as possible before they become a larger problem harder to fix later on.  Needless to say, proper maintenance is one key to make sure the gears are performing efficiently. However, if it’s time to replace your bevel gears, always consider a machine shop with reliable gear cutting capabilities.


True Gear and Spline offers precision cut bevel gears to the highest standard of accuracy. Whether you need a single gear done or a large quantity–we offer a full-service solution to your gear manufacturing needs. Contact us today to learn more!