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Crowned Versus Helical Spline Shafts

January 07, 2022

Crowned Versus Helical Spline Shafts

Different types of gears are vital to the performance of machines and equipment across industries. Transfer of torque is required for machines to function at their best capacity, and good quality gears make this possible. Different gears are ideal for various machines depending on their application across industries. Apart from gears, you can rely on spline shafts to transfer torque effectively for the optimal functioning of machines.


What are spline shafts?


Splined shafts have teeth or ridges that effectively transfer torque between mechanical components. Using these shafts facilitate maximum torque between components in a mechanical assembly. Broaching, milling, hobbing, and intrusion are methods used for manufacturing these shafts by gear manufacturers. Parallel, involute, serrated, crowned, and helical are some common types of splined shafts. This blog emphasizes the helical and crowned types of splined shafts and discusses them further.



Applications of crowned and helical shafts



Helical splined shafts

This is one of the most common types of splines used across industries. Helix splines get their name because they have equally spaced teeth around the shaft that form a helix shape around the shaft. Helical splines are best for applications that require a relatively higher torque. In addition, they allow for rotary and linear movements.


Crowned splined shafts

One of the unique characteristics of the crowned spline is that the teeth gradually smoothen towards the end of the shaft. Crown splines get their name because their teeth are either curved or crowned. They work best in facilitating torque between angularly misaligned mechanical components. Crowned splines are generally involuntary.


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