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Essential Maintenance Tips For CNC Machines

November 25, 2021

CNC machining has revolutionized manufacturing processes. The ability to handle larger volumes by these automated machines and the accuracy they offer is unmatched. If you own a production unit, you certainly understand the importance of keeping these machines in working conditions at all times.

Maintenance tips for CNC machines to boost productivity

With so many parts, the malfunctioning of even one component in a machine could severely affect the entire production cycle. To ensure continuous production, preventive maintenance of CNC machining is required, and here are some tips that you could follow.


Keep them busy

Keeping the computer numerical controlled machines in use is the best way to ensure their long life. CNC machines are capable of processing large volumes. They are designed specifically to be kept in use for a longer duration. When they are kept idle for an extended time period, their performance could be affected. 


Always keep spare parts ready

If you have been using a CNC machine for years, it is best to keep an inventory of spare parts. However, it is not always possible to have replacements for all the components in a machine. Therefore, the ideal thing to do is to have replacements ready for parts that are most likely to cause problems. 


Consistent monitoring

Making it a habit to check the condition of the CNC machining is highly recommended. You could set this as a daily or weekly routine depending on the volume of your production. An experienced engineer can help extend the life of computer numerical controlled machines by keeping the wear and tear in check.


Replacing hydraulic fluids on time

Hydraulic fluids are essential for CNC machines to perform at the highest level. Replacing hydraulic fluids and lubricating the moving parts from time to time will ensure that the machines do their job with utmost accuracy.  


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