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Essential Maintenance Tips For Spur Gears

February 24, 2022

Essential Maintenance Tips For Spur Gears

There are different types of gears and splines that industrial machines and equipment rely upon for effective functioning. The different types of gears serve diverse purposes and are all essential in their way. 


Since there is no better option than gears for torque transmission, industries have no other way but to rely on them for successfully operating the machines at the optimal level.


Out of the many types, spur gears are considered to be vital due to their many advantages. The simple design enables these gears to be fitted in even compact gearboxes with ease. 


In this blog, we discuss some simple maintenance tips to prolong the life of spur gears.


It is vital to understand that due to wear and tear, the teeth of gears tend to get less effective over time. However, by following these simple tips, you can prolong their life. 


Always keep it clean: Cleanliness is essential in every aspect of a production unit. Machines are no different. With so many moving parts, it is essential to keep every part of it, including the gears, clean. This is to avoid any abrasive or oily substance from causing damage to the gears due to its prolonged presence.

Lubrication is the key: Without proper lubrication, the gears can generate increased friction due to their contact with each other. Without contact between gears, torque transmission is impossible. Using suitable lubricants, for ensuring the smooth functioning of the gears, can significantly prolong their life.

Conduct regular servicing: Skilled technicians can carry out scheduled maintenance of your gears. This helps find out issues, if any, and fix them as soon as possible to avoid causing any significant damage. Preventive maintenance is your best bet against damaged spur gears.


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