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Everything You Need To Know About Gear Cutting

August 31, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Gear Cutting

Gears and splines, owing to their importance in enabling torque transfer, are inseparable from industries. Quality gears are vital for the effective functioning of industrial machines. True Gear & Spline Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of different types of gears and splines. The process of shaping blanks into different types of gears is referred to as cutting. In today's blog, we explain in detail everything about gear cutting.

The process of gear cutting


There are a few different types of cutting, but the most common is hobbing. Hobbing is a machining process that's used to create gears with straight or helical teeth. The process involves using a cutter that looks like a small saw blade to remove material from the gear blank.


Cutting of gears is typically done on a lathe or milling machine, and the cutter must be specially designed for the type of gear being cut. For example, there are different types of cutters for cutting spur gears, helical gears, and worm gears.


With the introduction of CNC machines, the lathe and milling machines have become increasingly automated. Gear manufacturing has become more precise and a much easier task for the manufacturers as compared to earlier.


The cutter is mounted on the spindle of the machine and rotated at high speed. As the cutter passes over the gear blank, it removes material to form the teeth. The depth of the cut and the shape of the teeth is determined by the cutter used.


Gear cutting is a precision process, and it's important to use high-quality gear blanks and cutters to ensure accuracy. Gears that are not cut correctly can cause problems such as vibration and noise.


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