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Exploring the Industrial Applications of Splined Shafts

June 29, 2023
Exploring the Industrial Applications of Splined Shafts

Industrial settings require durable and efficient machinery to keep production running smoothly. One essential component of industrial machines is the splined shaft, a specialized type of shaft that offers high torque capacity and precision movement. These shafts are often made using strong alloy steels to facilitate torque transfer seamlessly. One of the significant benefits of using strong materials for spline manufacturing is that they won’t break under pressure, thus bringing the entire process to a grinding halt. Read this blog until the end to find out the common industrial applications and benefits of splined shafts.


How are Spline Shafts Used in Industry?


  • One of the primary uses of spline shafts is in power transmission systems where they provide torque transfer between two rotating components such as an engine and gearbox, motor and pump, etc. Splined shafts ensure that power is transmitted efficiently without slipping or losing energy during the process.
  • Another application of these shafts is in machinery that requires precise movement control such as robotics, CNC machines, printing presses and automated assembly lines. In these applications, spline shafts allow for the accurate positioning of parts while maintaining a consistent speed.
  • Spline shafts also find use in heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and construction equipment where they help handle heavy loads by transmitting maximum torque from the engine to the wheels through a drivetrain system.




Spline shafts are popular in the industrial world owing to their robust power transmission capabilities. The precision and torque transfer offered by them is unmatched. There is a wide range of benefits that these shafts offer. However, it is essential to source splined shafts from a trusted gear manufacturer like True Gear & Spline Ltd. to reap all the benefits and facilitate seamless torque transfer between mechanical components. We are a trusted name in custom spline and gear manufacturing in Toronto and the GTA. Our world-class facility in Cambridge, ON is equipped with all the latest tools and equipment, allowing us to offer our clients gear and splines with precise tolerance. Consult our gear manufacturing experts today to learn about the wide range of products and services we offer.