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Finishing Up Your Gear: Gear Grinding and Lapping

December 01, 2017

Finishing Up Your Gear: Gear Grinding and Lapping

Gears make up a crucial part of a great many mechanical innovations. Their primary function is to transmit rotational motion and generate torque. The incredible simplicity with which they manage this function makes them ideal for a many manufacturing processes today. Still, there is a lot of variety to be found in gear manufacturing, to inform their many different functions. At the end of the manufacturing process, an unfinished gear will experience either gear grinding or lapping before it can be used for its intended function.


Gear grinding and lapping are both accurate and efficient finishes to the creation process.


Gear lapping is a process that uses a specialized lapping tool and plate to slowly chip away at an unfinished gear. The lapping tool is shaped similarly to the finished gear, and rotates alongside the unfinished plate with an abrasive material cutting away at the gear as it does so. This process is often applied to hardened gears that need to run silently.


Gear grinding, on the other hand, works exactly as you might expect, considering its name. During the grinding process, an unfinished gear is rubbed against an abrasive surface with enough intensity to force material off of the product. Typically, only one of the two surfaces will be moved to create this level of friction. When implemented by a proper machine and skilled technicians, this process can be used to make incredibly fine adjustments to the gear.


Naturally, a proper finish is the best way to ensure that a gear functions exactly as it should to ensure maximum efficiency wherever it ends up. At True Gear and Spline, we understand that each and every gear has to be created carefully and with great precision, to ensure proper function from the end product. Our technicians are experts in both gear grinding and lapping, and are committed to bringing you the best custom results for your business.