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Gear Cutting: A Guide

June 04, 2018

Gear Cutting: A Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how gears are made, then you should know that it’s an incredibly fascinating subject! Before gears become gears, they’re simply just round pieces of metal. For these pieces of metal to become gears, gear cutting takes place.


The process of gear cutting doesn’t directly create the cogs on a gear, but creates the spaces between them!


Although gear cutting or gear hobbing creates gears, it’s just one of many industrial manufacturing processes that involve the creation of gears. Gear cutting is the process of hobbing or cutting recesses into a metal workpiece, shaping it into a gear. This process creates the cogs that make a gear, a gear!


The process of gear cutting involves a hobbing machine. This hobbing machine uses two skew spindles, one with the workpiece and the other with the hob. Both skews then begin to spin at different speeds. The multiple teeth of the hob then collide with the workpiece, etching a recess into the piece, and deepening that recess with every little collision.


Once those recesses are of the specified depth, and depending on the size of the workpiece, the workpiece is either raised or lowered very slowly, allowing the hob to work through the rest of the piece, etching those recesses to its desired depth.


However, gear cutting is one of many processes concerning gears. Other processes include gear grinding, and gear shaping! Our gear cutting service that we at True Gear & Spline provide, allows you to have whatever piece you need cut in record time! We provide the highest quality in gears, regardless of whether your project is time sensitive or not. No job is too big or small for us, and we’re happy to provide not only gears, but spline shafts, timing pulleys, sprockets, and gear racks using a whole range of materials including steel, aluminum, bronze, phenolic, and nylon.


At True Gear & Spline, we’re here to service all your gear-related needs, so contact us and request a quote today!