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Gear Cutting with High Precision

April 12, 2018

Gear Cutting with High Precision

Precise gear cutting has a quality standard no operation can neglect. Many applications require very specific gears to carry out complex tasks.  Common gear-cutting processes include milling, broaching, hobbing and grinding. These operations may replace or may supplement other processes like extruding, forging, sand casting or investment casting.


To meet modern industry standards in gear cutting, most companies and facilities should ensure the latest technology is employed in making these gears.


CNC gear hobbing machines can cut splines, spur gears, helical gears as well as double helical gears with precise technology that eliminates human error while decreasing cutting time and wasted material. These high-speed machines facilitate the cutting of any size gear in any quantity.

Our state-of-the-art conventional gear cutting machines can cut any gear to customized specifications, even with diameters of up to 3 meters. Regardless of the technology we have at our disposal, we understand gear cutting must be produce the highest quality gears, quickly and efficiently.

We use CNC machinery and our extensive experience to cut quality gearing. We can produce gears with a very wide range of materials, from steel to aluminum and even nylon and phenolic.

Our facility and staff can meet any order, relying on industry leading machinery like the Mitsubishi GE20A and Gleason Phoenix 400GH. True Gear provides CNC gear grinding services using the latest technology with highly qualified technicians, able to produce gears up to 1000 mm face width and 1250 mm diameter. We have advanced CNC software and in-house inspection capabilities, allowing us to manufacture gears to the highest industry standards.

Dedicated to the quality and speed of the cutting process, we can offer precision and efficiency in CNC gear hobbing and cutting machinery. We also count on 28 gear hobbers to meet orders of any scale at an efficient price that does not sacrifice turnaround time or quality. Contact True Gear & Spline today to learn more.