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Gear Grinding 101: A Complete Overview of the Entire Gear Grinding Process

October 05, 2017

Gear Grinding 101: A Complete Overview of the Entire Gear Grinding Process

The process of gear grinding is one of the final steps of producing gears. It is an intricate process used to remove surface materials on gear blanks through abrasion. Abrasion is done by rubbing a rough surface against a piece of metal at high speeds. It is a process that scrapes away the materials that should not be on the gear. When the gear grinding process takes place, the small pieces are removed without affecting the overall integrity of the whole material. However, the proper fabrication of the gear’s teeth depends on the technique applied to the gear blank.


To get to know the different gear grinding techniques used in gear blanks, continue reading below. This article will explain the two types of techniques used gear grinding to produce high-quality gears. It will be enough information for you to understand how the whole process works.


The Two Types Gear Grinding Methods Used to Produce Gears


  • Form Grinding - Also known as non-generating grinding, this technique uses a disc wheel where an involute form is attached to guide the grinding process. The wheel is used to grind both sides of the space between the splines, where the grinding on both sides takes place simultaneously.
  • Generating Grinding - It is a straight-sided gear grinding technique which means that the gear is the one that moves along the abrasive tool in order to form the splines. A gear grinding method where the abrasive tool doesn’t move while the gear itself moves along it to produce its teeth.


Once the splines are formed through these techniques, the gear grinding still has one final step to completion. After undergoing one of those methods, the gear will then be taken to its final polishing process that perfects the grinding of the gear. This polishing process will take care of making the face of the gear smooth resulting in a well-polished end product.